Ten Very Random Things about Me

1. I absolutely love cars! My favorite car maker is Audi, I love everything about Audi from the way the cars are made, to the way they look and my favorite part about them is how fast they go. If I could have any car it would probably be an Audi RS7.



2.  T.V and Netflix are literally my life, I have watched the entire series of so many shows that I have lost count. My favorite shows of course being House,Breaking Bad,Weeds and so many more. I have recently started Grey’s anatomy I have only been watching it for 4 weeks and I have already watched over 80 episodes.

3. I am addicted to hot Food. The only way to try hot food at almost every restaurant is to eat there chicken wings, safe to say that I have been asked is their anyplace you haven’t had chicken wings from ? No.

4.Road rage is my weakness Because for the most part I am a pretty calm guy, But once I get in the car and someone does something wrong I lose my cool. Some how The bad traffic  just follows me everywhere I go.



5. I have lived in several states and cities, those states include Cincinnati Ohio, Minneapolis Minnesota and Jacksonville Florida. I enjoyed living in all of them but they all have their pros and cons.

6.This past Fall I very nervously moved from home to go to college, so not only am in a new City I am also in college for the very first time.

7. I enjoy cooking as one of my several hobbies but the only reason I like it and think that I am pretty good cook because I got to grow up in a restaurant my whole life as my dad has owned several different restaurants.

8. I am OCD about pretty much everything which my roommate loves and hates about me. He loves it because I will pretty much do everything just to be sure its perfect but he also hates because If he is doing something wrong I will tell him he’s doing it wrong and I will just do it my self.



9. I am going to college for a degree in Architecture, because I love building things and putting thing together and there is also a bit of a problem solving behind it.

10. My roommates and I have this wired obsession of going to Wal-Mart at midnight for no reason, most of the time we don’t even buy anything.




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