“Off The Record” Review


I Have just finished reading A book Called “OFF the RECORD” by K.A Linde. The dramatic novel is about 401 pages.The synopsis of the story is about a young girl named Liz that works as a reporter for her North Carolina college newspaper. Her first major assignment was to follow a states senators press conference. The state Senators name is Brady Maxwell and he is the ideal image of a young senator with good looks and can win anyone he talks to over except for Liz. While at his press conference Liz has some hard questions for the senator to answer because she has a very different view on politics compared to the senator. As the senator doesn’t have answers to Liz’s questions it catches his attention and the attention of Liz editor who feels that Liz is a very good reporter. After the conference Liz and Brady realize that they have chemistry and soon have a secret romance together. The rest of the book is about Liz and brady’s romance and how they both have all odd fighting against them being together.

“In an endless sea of overindulgence, find time to indulge in something worthwhile and make an informed, educated decision for yourself. What matters to you in here, will matter to you out there.”
― K.A. Linde, Off the Record

Overall I really enjoyed the book and thought it had lots of twist and turns in the plot.The story always keeps you on your toes and was an interesting story line. I wasn’t very crazy about how basic the book was its like every romantic drama where where the girl and guy falling love after having opposite view point and ideas on life and other things. The writer did a good job of describing the characters and interrogating them smoothly in the book.The book was also a Little to romantic for my taste but still kept you hooked and made it a good page turner. Overall I liked the book and would suggest other people to read it.



2 thoughts on ““Off The Record” Review”

  1. This review is really good and I think you did a good job of expressing your actual opinion on it. Personally, I wouldn’t read it because romance books like this aren’t my favorite but you did make it seem pretty cool.


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