My feelings about “The Girl on The Train”

After reading “The Girl on the train” by Paula Hawkins, I would like to start this review by saying that this book is a great book and at only 336 pages its a moderate read but once you start its hard to put down. This book has a great deal of suspense and mystery and if you like plot twist you will love this book. I personally hate books that I can guess the ending and plot just by reading the first 20 pages, but not this book it keeps twisting and turing through out the entire novel. Not only do I like the story line of the book I mostly Like how Hawkins conveys the story and describes a book that goes from just being a normal story about a girls life to a murder mystery.

The book starts off with a middle aged woman named Rachel riding a train, the same train and seat that she rides in every day. As Rachel rides the train everyday she looks out the window and vicariously envisions her life through a couple she see’s sitting on the porch outside their house, she has even gone as far to nick name them. The couples house is in the same neighborhood that she used to live in before she and her ex husband (Tom) got a divorce because he was having an affair with a woman named Anna. Rachel doesn’t know this yet but the woman from the perfect couple that she sees everyday is actually the nanny for her ex-husband (tom) and his new wife (anna). As Rachel struggles with depression from her divorce she one day sees the nanny (the woman from the perfect couple) from the train window and sees that she is having an affair on her husband, angered by this Rachel gets off the train and confronts the girl about cheating on her perfect husband but the girl disappears as Rachel is yelling at her, but as Rachel got off the train a man that also rides the train everyday saw Rachel get off that stop and notice that its a different stop than she usually gets off so he followed her to make sure she was okay while Rachel was yelling at the girl the man saw her yell at the nanny. The story moves to the next day and Rachel doesn’t remember anything after she got off the train that day  because she is an alcholic and was drunk that day so she blacked out, later that day she gets interviewed by an officer because the woman that she went to confront is missing and the officer tells her that the woman is her ex husbands nanny. The reasons the officer is interviewing her is because the man from the train told the police that he saw Rachel yelling at the other woman. The story is then a huge mystery to find out in network of related people that don’t know each other to see who knows why the woman is missing or dead and to also see who was that man that the missing woman was having an affair with.


“There’s nothing so painful, so corrosive, as suspicion.”
― Paula Hawkins, The Girl on the Train

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Ten Very Random Things about Me

1. I absolutely love cars! My favorite car maker is Audi, I love everything about Audi from the way the cars are made, to the way they look and my favorite part about them is how fast they go. If I could have any car it would probably be an Audi RS7.



2.  T.V and Netflix are literally my life, I have watched the entire series of so many shows that I have lost count. My favorite shows of course being House,Breaking Bad,Weeds and so many more. I have recently started Grey’s anatomy I have only been watching it for 4 weeks and I have already watched over 80 episodes.

3. I am addicted to hot Food. The only way to try hot food at almost every restaurant is to eat there chicken wings, safe to say that I have been asked is their anyplace you haven’t had chicken wings from ? No.

4.Road rage is my weakness Because for the most part I am a pretty calm guy, But once I get in the car and someone does something wrong I lose my cool. Some how The bad traffic  just follows me everywhere I go.



5. I have lived in several states and cities, those states include Cincinnati Ohio, Minneapolis Minnesota and Jacksonville Florida. I enjoyed living in all of them but they all have their pros and cons.

6.This past Fall I very nervously moved from home to go to college, so not only am in a new City I am also in college for the very first time.

7. I enjoy cooking as one of my several hobbies but the only reason I like it and think that I am pretty good cook because I got to grow up in a restaurant my whole life as my dad has owned several different restaurants.

8. I am OCD about pretty much everything which my roommate loves and hates about me. He loves it because I will pretty much do everything just to be sure its perfect but he also hates because If he is doing something wrong I will tell him he’s doing it wrong and I will just do it my self.



9. I am going to college for a degree in Architecture, because I love building things and putting thing together and there is also a bit of a problem solving behind it.

10. My roommates and I have this wired obsession of going to Wal-Mart at midnight for no reason, most of the time we don’t even buy anything.