“No Way Back” Review


In my previous post I talked about a book called “No way Back” By Rick Mofina. The book is 485 Pages long. No way back has a main character named Tom Reed, Tom is a crime reporter from San Francisco. At the begging of the book it is explained that tom is getting tired of the news Business and so he decides to resign but on his last day of work as a crime reporter he hears about a jewelry store being robbed. The jewelry store was robbery and a officer was shot but a woman was also taken hostage by the robbers. As the book proceeds and Tom is at the crime scene investigating it come to light that the woman hostage is actually Toms wife. After hearing the new about his wife Tom and his Son Zach refuse to give up looking for her. The rest of the book is a Mystery filled story about Tom searching for his wife doing everything possible to find her wife. To find out If tom can catch these kidnappers and find his wife you will have to read the book your self.

“making calls, jotting notes as the chatter spilled over the glass walls of the small office tucked in a corner of the newsroom. Experienced”
― Rick Mofina, No Way Back

Overall I really enjoyed this book it was a good story line. The character were pretty well developed and had good descriptions. The plot was a little traditional in the sense of course the robbers kid nap the wife of the news reporter, but it still had plenty of twist and turns and left you on the edge of your seat. The only thing that I would change is the pace of this story it was very long and drawn out if probably could have been cut down to just over 300 pages not close to 500 like it is. The writing style of the Author was good and described the settings and the character well, I also felt while reading this book  as though I was in it and really get a scenes of what was happening as if i was living in the middle of it.



“The Hard Road” Review

Recently I finished reading a book called the Hard Road.The Hard Road is by J.B Turner and is 332 pages long. The books main character is Jon Reznick and he is a black ops specialist. He is an off the record specialist or “ghost” he works for the government but doesn’t really know who he is taking his orders from. Jon has a daughter and  is a widower as his wife died in 9/11. Jon was sent by his mysterious employer to kill a very important man wanted by the FBI, but when Jon is about to fulfill his duties he stops and feels that something is not right with what he is doing and is now running and with the man he was sent to kill. Not only is this man wanted by the FBI he is also wanted by terrorist group that wants to destroy the United States.As the story progresses Jon’s daughter becomes collateral in this fight and he most do everything to to get her back and try to protect his country.

“Suck it up. Enjoy the misery. It will not beat you. Nothing will ever beat you. Ever.”
― J.B. Turner, Hard Road

As Readers can tell from the description above this book has lots of action and is very exciting. I really enjoyed The writing style in this book it is very descriptive and is easy for readers to comprehend. The book is definitely a page turner and keeps you on your toes. J.B Turner wrote this book very well and has many other sub titles that are just as good as this book. I would Highly suggest for people to give this book a try. The only thing i would change about this book is that is very similar to every other action filled book or move. The book has the same kind of characters, plot and ending as most of the  action books out there and is easy for the reader to guess whats going to happen next in the book.