“No Way Back” Review


In my previous post I talked about a book called “No way Back” By Rick Mofina. The book is 485 Pages long. No way back has a main character named Tom Reed, Tom is a crime reporter from San Francisco. At the begging of the book it is explained that tom is getting tired of the news Business and so he decides to resign but on his last day of work as a crime reporter he hears about a jewelry store being robbed. The jewelry store was robbery and a officer was shot but a woman was also taken hostage by the robbers. As the book proceeds and Tom is at the crime scene investigating it come to light that the woman hostage is actually Toms wife. After hearing the new about his wife Tom and his Son Zach refuse to give up looking for her. The rest of the book is a Mystery filled story about Tom searching for his wife doing everything possible to find her wife. To find out If tom can catch these kidnappers and find his wife you will have to read the book your self.

“making calls, jotting notes as the chatter spilled over the glass walls of the small office tucked in a corner of the newsroom. Experienced”
― Rick Mofina, No Way Back

Overall I really enjoyed this book it was a good story line. The character were pretty well developed and had good descriptions. The plot was a little traditional in the sense of course the robbers kid nap the wife of the news reporter, but it still had plenty of twist and turns and left you on the edge of your seat. The only thing that I would change is the pace of this story it was very long and drawn out if probably could have been cut down to just over 300 pages not close to 500 like it is. The writing style of the Author was good and described the settings and the character well, I also felt while reading this book  as though I was in it and really get a scenes of what was happening as if i was living in the middle of it.



Its Monday and I am reading “No way Back”

Hey guys I am Back again with a new book Its called No Way Backby Rick Mofina and its 485 pages and I am about half way through on page 217.  So far the book has been pretty interesting and a lot has happened. The story takes place in San Fransisco California and is about a crime repoter named Tom Reed.What I have read so far Reed has just quit his job but on that day a big robber homicide happens and Reed hurries to what will be his last big story and to go out with a bang.When Reed arrives he is shocked to find out from a staff member at the jewelry store that the hostage is his own wife, and now Reed is Frozen with shock and confronts the crime Inspector. So far thats all I have read and I want to keep reading more and more but just don’t have the time between work and school.The book is very good and definitely a page turner or at least it seems like its a pager turner just because I left off on section where the book was execiting and seems like its on a cliff hanger of the book .

The beginning of the book seemes very slow and drawn out but has gotten better. The book also seems kind of long from what of the story I have read so far. The point of view seems to go from several different characters and gets kinda of closed when the only point of view should be From the main character Tom Reed. Other than reading the book I haven’t had a lot happening in my life , just trying to be a normal college kid and try to get my life together. I have been focusing a lot on school and my classes and taking a break from my social life on the weekends. Hope you enjoyed my update and I will get back to you guys next week.

“This can’t be real. It can’t be. You just don’t wake up to another day, go along living your life then—bang—without warning, without a chance to prepare, in a heartbeat, everything changes.”
― Rick Mofina, No Way Back


“Off The Record” Review


I Have just finished reading A book Called “OFF the RECORD” by K.A Linde. The dramatic novel is about 401 pages.The synopsis of the story is about a young girl named Liz that works as a reporter for her North Carolina college newspaper. Her first major assignment was to follow a states senators press conference. The state Senators name is Brady Maxwell and he is the ideal image of a young senator with good looks and can win anyone he talks to over except for Liz. While at his press conference Liz has some hard questions for the senator to answer because she has a very different view on politics compared to the senator. As the senator doesn’t have answers to Liz’s questions it catches his attention and the attention of Liz editor who feels that Liz is a very good reporter. After the conference Liz and Brady realize that they have chemistry and soon have a secret romance together. The rest of the book is about Liz and brady’s romance and how they both have all odd fighting against them being together.

“In an endless sea of overindulgence, find time to indulge in something worthwhile and make an informed, educated decision for yourself. What matters to you in here, will matter to you out there.”
― K.A. Linde, Off the Record

Overall I really enjoyed the book and thought it had lots of twist and turns in the plot.The story always keeps you on your toes and was an interesting story line. I wasn’t very crazy about how basic the book was its like every romantic drama where where the girl and guy falling love after having opposite view point and ideas on life and other things. The writer did a good job of describing the characters and interrogating them smoothly in the book.The book was also a Little to romantic for my taste but still kept you hooked and made it a good page turner. Overall I liked the book and would suggest other people to read it.