Its Monday and I am reading “The Last Girl”

In The past two weeks I started reading a book called The Last Girl by Joe Hart I have read about 200 pages which is about two thirds of the book. So far the book seems very intresting and makes you think about things from a different perspective. From what I have read so far The perspective in this book is from Zoey whom is one of the last few girls on earth. It seems that in the world that this book describes earth went through an epidemic and the birthrate of females went from 50% to less than 1% and after 25 years the female population has dropped to less than a thousand girls. Every girl that is born must be taken to a scientific compound to be tested and conducted research on. I am about two thirds of the way done with this book and it is getting very jaw dropping and I can’t wait to let you guys Know how the rest of the book goes.

“The second you give up is when you start to die. You have to fight to make it.”
― Joe Hart, The Last Girl

In the past two weeks that I have been reading this book many other things have happened and as usual my life has been very hectic, For instance last week was my Roommate/Best friends Birthday. His Birthday was a very busy day as I waited till the last minute to get his gifts and balloons and of course it takes twice as long to get everything because I was in a hurry and off course he also gets out of class earlier than usual to add to the chaos. So not only was his actually Birthday a head ache of a day it was stressful week since my best friend seems to think that his Birthday should last the whole week and that we should celebrate everyday for a week, Not to mention that I had tons of homework during this week. So as you can tell I was happy to have the weekend come and happy for my friends birthday week of fun be over.