The Last one

Hello Readers, you might be wonder why the title of this post is “The Last one” the reason being it will be the last post on this blog and I will be moving on. This post will also be different compared to my other blog post instead of writing about what I am reading or what book I am reviewing , I just wanted a goodbye post that gives you some information about my self and my time on word press. I have to say that I was very happy with my experience on word press and this blog, it was very easy to use and extremely simplistic to design the blog page. I really appreciate all the feed back and comments on the post that I have made. The comments were always very considerate and positive, there were never any rude or negative comments.

I also appreciate all the followers and other bloggers that liked my page or kept track of my post. I know your all probably wondering why all of my previous blog post have been about books and this one is different well if you couldn’t tell I created this blog as a project for one of my college courses, thats why all the Previous post were so formatted and all kinda had the same look and gave the same information. I hope that you have enjoyed all of my Book review and updates. I know most of the books I have reviewed have been Action, drama and mystery, so I hope that most of you are okay with the same types of Books. I can say that from all the books that I have read during my time using this blog I have not disliked any of the books and thought they were all interesting as well as the authors were all good writers. Overall Hope you guys enjoyed everything!

xoxo The College Kid